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In this lesson we create our project file structure including all the Java source and class files folders required for the Case Study.

The first thing we are going to do in our setup for the Case Study is to make a base folder called _Case_Study in the root directory of our hard drive which we can put all our other folders into.

Lets create a folder for our Case Study files, in Windows this would be:

double click My Computer icon

double click C:\ drive (or whatever your local drive is)

right click the mouse in the window

from the drop down menu select New

click the Folder option and call the folder _Case_Study and press enter.

Within the _Case_Study folder we will create separate folders to hold our source files and our compiled byte code and these will be called src and classes.

So after creating these folders your directory structure should look something like the following screenshot:

directory structure

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Now we need create folders for our packages within the src directory, we don't need to do this for our classes directory, as this can done during compilation of our code using the -d option, which we will discuss when we compile.

We worked out in the last lesson after investigating the proposal that we need packages for:

  1. The code to process the manufacturer file and requests sent from users of the GUI, which is the model element of the MVC pattern.
  2. The client code, which is our GUI and is the view element of the MVC pattern.
  3. The services code, which incorporates our local and remore services and is the controller element of the MVC pattern.
  4. We will also need a package for placing our testing classes in.

Ok, lets create these five new folders: model, view, services, remoteservices and testing within our src folder.

So after creating these folders your src folder directory structure should look something like the following screenshot:

directory structure

That's all we need to do as far as setting up the folder packages for the project goes.

What's Next?

In the next lesson we write the code to create a test Manufacturer file to be used with the Case Study. We want the file to have a single header record with a Manufacturer file number, followed by data records that contain the record information repeated until the end of the file.

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